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Maximus 60

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Our portable wood fired oven Maximus from Portugal reaches a temperature of 300°C in 20 minutes making it one of the fastest ovens in the market. Also, it weighs just 55 kg so it is 100% portable, just pop it into you car or SUV for events, picnics and camping.

Accessories included with the Maximus oven: Pizza Peel, Baking Tray, Ash Separator, Wood Holder and Thermometer.

Amaze your guests by cooking pizzas in less than 2 minutes! The Maximus is designed to make bread, fish, roast, grill, vegetables and many other dishes within minutes.

Use the Maximus to cook fast, tasty meals indoors or outdoors using firewood to give the authentic flavors that we all love.

Restaurants, cafes and small bakeries also use the Maximus to maxize profits - using the same oven for catering services also.

*NOTE: Steel stand shown must be ordered separately, AED 990


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